The Women Behind the Name


The brand Heather Margaret Grace was started by two sisters, Stephanie & Leanne. The name Heather Margaret Grace is an accumulation of the women who have inspired and supported us throughout our lives; our mother and grandmothers. 

Heather (pictured on the left) is our mother who has always supported and pushed us to reach our dreams. Margaret (pictured center) with our grandfather on their wedding day - is our maternal grandmother, who with our grandfather were like a second set of parents to us. Grace (pictured on the right) with our grandfather at the Jenner’s of Edinburgh Ball - is our paternal grandmother who sadly passed away from Multiple Sclerosis before we were born.



Leanne (left) and Stephanie (right) in their garden in Edinburgh, Scotland

Leanne (left) and Stephanie (right) in their garden in Edinburgh, Scotland

The brand was born from the bringing together of knowledge and experience of two sisters that compliment and support each other. 

Stephanie - The Business Mind - Has a background in fashion marketing, having studied for 5 years at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, achieving an MA (hons) in Management with Marketing and an MSc in International Fashion Marketing (postgraduate degree). After University she spent time working at various Scottish fashion brands, where she gained a great insight into the fashion industry. 

Leanne - The Creative Mind - Brings her unique creative flair to the brand, with an interest in the unusual world around us. She is a great illustrator, and has enjoyed drawing since a very young age. She studied Textile Design which allowed her to pair her love of art and fashion together.