Remembering McQueen



We are remembering McQueen today, as it is the 5th anniversary of his death. He has been a great inspiration and influence to both of us in more ways than one. His daring catwalk shows and use of materials were just a few of the things that marked him as one of the greatest designers of our time. He brought art back to fashion; it was darkly beautiful. 

He was also inspirational in his determination to succeed, and would not take being told ‘No’ lying down. Proving that no dream is too big, and that with a lot of hard work and focus you can achieve anything you want. 

We also felt a great connection with him due to his undeniable pride in his Scottish heritage (on his father’s side). His final resting place shows his heart belonged to Scotland; choosing to be buried on the Isle of Skye, where his father’s ancestors are said to have originated. 

McQueen is still greatly missed and will forever be an icon of fashion. We hope he is finally at peace.